Action Logic offers organization of national and international transport with different type of vehicles. Please feel free to e-mail or call us – we will help you to deliver your goods at the final destination.

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About us

The AL Company organizes the road transport of all kinds of goods. We are also supporting other companies in transportation management and in performing correctly all possible logistic processes. Please see our offer for more details.

Cooperation and competences

We have all qualifications and licenses to run a transportation-shipping activity (certificate of professional competences) and we dispose of suitable vehicles for the transport of various types of goods. We offer cooperation on a national and international level, within the EU countries and beyond.


The owner of the company operates greatly in dynamic, stressful situations when the large responsibility lies with her. She acts flexibly and highly professional. Her long term experience is the basis for implementation of all tasks assigned. Entrust an independent woman of success!


Os. Batorego 47 B/ 24
60-687 Poznań

Opening hours

8am-4pm Monday-Friday
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